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Origin:  Nevada City, CA


Genres:  Hip Hop, EDM, R&B


Years Active:  2016- Present


Label:  Jumpsuit Records


Website: www.ultimatefantastic.net



Short Bio

Ultimate Fantastic is an unparalleled combination of intelligent lyricism and spine melting R&B vocals upon a foundation of meticulously produced original bass music. Steeped in the West Coast, the group draws from a variety of influences including underground hip-hop, festival sub- cultures, electronic dance music and roots and soul tradition; and synthesizes their original artistry into ardent and unbridled musical expression and storytelling..

Born in the shadows of a bliss-dance bombshell on a glorious Playa morning, Northern California future-music hip hop krewe Ultimate Fantastic descend on this planet in tortured, troubled times. Keeping one shell-toe in classic boom-bap, the other moonboot inside bombastic bass tombs, debut album Super Human gets the party started proper with an intelligent design. The fantastic foursome deliver their ambitious artistic statement devoid of pretense, offering their adventurous music as medicine, delivering art for art's sake, a canvas filled with color, raining positivity, and pushing the envelope in a variety of fashions. 

Having shared the stage and studio with luminaries including Albino, Hamsa Lila, Vagabundos, and Pega5u5, Ultimate Fantastic is no stranger to the cutting edge. The lovechild of vintage vibe and a new frontier, "Overtime" comes out of the gates with mountains of mojo, topped with a trippy Timberlake'd hook. The lucid dream promise of an enlightened tomorrow, "My Dreams" is a smoothed-out, feel good, deep house cut, next level R&B levitating in the chill zone, with Deja Solis's sultry vocals weakening the knees. As psychedelic beats bump the bottom end bulbous, resident emcee/vocalists Pharroh and Wink offer a definitive juxtaposition between styles and steez, Solis the perfect foil for both rappers to detonate. 

Production wizard Dropical is positively masterful throughout the album, deftly navigating the worlds of Dirty South trap, West Coast bass music culture, metropolitan future-trill and New York's golden era. On "Choose Love", Solis' sentimental siren makes the hairs on your body stand at attention; Wink and Pharroh trade furious verses throughout the throwback soul grooves that underpin "We Keep Goin. "Activated" goes hard and gets busy, a pulverizing slab of underground hip hop; this intergalactic bass-vibration stutter steps across slippery synths and funktastic flows. An amalgam of what's classic, a look toward what's next, and a massive dose of be here now, Super Human is a castle of epic a proportions, a royal palace that is ultimately fantastic. 

~B. Getz


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Label:  Jumpsuit Records 


Management: Ultimatefantastic@gmail.com


Booking: ufanbooking@gmail.com


PR: Ryan Herr / ryan.jumpsuitrecords@gmail.com